Public Relations

PR involves carefully planning how to care for relationships with your company’s stakeholder groups. This includes

customers, suppliers, technology partners, politicians, employees and potential employees.

Experience and consultant networks

Our consultants have the experience and large network of business contacts needed to guarantee the success of your PR.

Expertise with text

All of our consultants have outstanding writing skills. We can deliver professional press releases, technical articles, interviews, image brochures, advertisements and even complete customer or employee publications that will reliably convey your message to the desired target group. We also have business partners who can provide layout and printing services upon demand.

External press department

We can take inquiries from journalists, analysis and disseminators and provide dependable responses or get in touch with the relevant contact persons at your company. We maintain our own archive that includes background material, CVs and graphics. We will handle critical questions in a timely and professional manner so you are free to concentrate on your core business.


Internal communication

Adremcom can produce professional texts for employee magazines, newsletters and circulars. We convey the information you need to provide to your employees with just the right tone.

“The PR consultants at Adremcom know the right journalists and subject areas. Adremcom has helped us to raise our profile in our industry.”

(Bernd Peuser, CEO, HaPeC GmbH)


How powerful is PR?

PR in support of sales

PR can deliver added value directly: We publicize your products via diverse channels, including the trade press, newspapers, online media, radio, television and special events. The objective is to generate more leads for your sales department.

PR in support of image

PR creates added value by establishing a corporate identity. We enhance your image to make it easier to find customers and build relationships with them, boost employee loyalty, advertise your products and gain the attention of stakeholders in the political and business spheres.