Trainings & Workshops

There are some things that can be learned only through practice or perhaps as part of a workshop. If this applies to your corporate communications needs, then Adremcom is your ideal partner.

Media and presentation training sessions

We can handle many challenging activities on your behalf. However, at some point in time you will have to take charge. What we can do here is help prepare your board of directors, CEO or head of sales, marketing or human resources to give interviews and have discussions with journalists and analysts. Adremcom will assist you and your employees in meeting the most critical challenges through media and presentation training sessions. This can cover press conferences, interviews, television & radio appearances, presentations and speeches.

"Thanks to support and coaching from Adremcom, we were able to quickly establish a press department whose success has significantly exceeded our expectations. Adremcom knows how to think along with us and was able to develop a good feeling for our sector in a very short time. The Adremcom consultants are dependable, friendly and courteous.”

(Dr. Marcus Liehr, Managing Director for Marketing & Sales at LITE-LICHT GmbH)

Writing training sessions

Writing is one of our core areas of expertise. Of course, writing is a skill that can be acquired. We can help you as a business person or engineer to understand and fully master the core elements of writing. We can also help to optimize the written communication produced by your assistants and employees.

Positioning workshops

Cooperation with Adremcom typically begins with a positioning workshop. This helps us to get to know your company along with its unique culture and sales and marketing strategies. This initial inventory provides a solid foundation for development of further communications activities in your company.